Investigator Databank Updated Profiles


Good news – as part of our commitment to improving the clinical trial experience for investigators and site staff, we have updated our online profiles.

You can now share much more information with us about you and your site, including your study experience, and details about your training.  You can still see information from all 5 member companies regarding your participation in their studies, but you can now add other studies you have participated in.   Looking forward to 2017, we will also use the profiles to share new study opportunities with you.  These services to sites are free.

All Site Staff can now create a profile with Investigator Databank.   You can give permission to a delegate to complete a profile on your behalf, or request to act as a delegate for someone else.

If you are new to Investigator Databank CREATE A PROFILE , or if you have an existing profile, login to update your details!


Please let us know if you have any questions or issues at